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Master of the Psychological Thriller

John S. Bartolotta

Dive into a realm where twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat, courtesy of John S Bartolotta’s masterful storytelling

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John S. Bartolotta


Three tales of individuals searching for peace.



Full Moon

Rebecca Horshfeld, a young, gifted pianist living and studying



Fire Side Tales

John brings you a collection of sinister tales full of spine chilling



Family Secrets

John brings back Detective Sam Blanco from his book Fierce. 


“In the gripping thriller ‘Fierce,’ author John S. Bartolotta Sr. 



From Back to Beyond

“From Back to Beyond” is a captivating tale that weaves together 




John brings you a collection of sinister tales full of spine chilling




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John S Bartolotta, a native of New York City, hails from a vibrant Italian family background. From a young age, he apprenticed as a meat cutter alongside his father. Serving in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War era, he embraced various roles throughout his life, transitioning from owning a small plumbing business to establishing himself as a reputable Real Estate Broker and later pursuing a career in Labor Relations. Upon retirement, he discovered a latent talent in visual arts, showcasing his paintings, sculptures, and wood carvings in numerous prestigious art exhibitions.

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"Bartolotta's books are fire! Can't stop reading once I start. Highly recommend! 🔥"